Here are the various project of Math Entrepreneur

Data collection in Africa

One of the major problems in Africa is the lack of data, or the existing data are not of good qualities, or are poorly preserved. This makes it impossible to make effective decisions for the growth of a specific business area and the growth of the country as a whole. Maths Entrepreneur, aware of the fact that well-collected data make it possible to do good research, to have good analyzes and lead to good decisions for a better governance, have the project of: • Train hundreds of students on data collection and analysis • Launch the program of data collection in the sectors of: • The health • Education • Agriculture • Global warming • Woman Condition • Economy etc. • Analyze data and contribute to good decision-making. Our goal is to install a growing process of data collection in different sectors and in different developing countries in Africa, so that it facilitates scientific research and contributes to good decision-makingplan.

Use of pesticide in Agriculture

Agriculture remains till date Africa?s most rewarding and prominent commercial activities. However, in recent years, we have seen increasing use of chemicals by local farmers, and this has had a great impact on the environment and the health of population. Math Entrepreneur in 2017 , started a research project in the South West region of Cameroon whose objectives were to: • Understand the causes of the high use of chemicals • Examine the effects of production without chemicals. • Optimize production cost for subsistence and industrial farmers • Provide solutions to reduce the use of products that are both dangerous for farmers who use them without adequate protection and without respecting the instructions, but also for consumers who can develop diseases such as cancer. The early half of the research focused on tomato farms and farmers, which is one of the most consumed fruits and whose farmers tend to employ a lot of chemicals in its production. The work was however interrupted by the insecurity in the region and the team has since shifted focus to planning and carrying out the research in the littoral and western region at the start of 2020.

Entrepreneurial tour for sustainable development in regions in difficulty

Africa has several regions that are in difficulty, either in terms of education, food or security. The regions of Adamaoua, North and Far North Cameroon are counted among this one. During the month of November 2018 we initiated an entrepreneurial tour for sustainable development in these regions with the following objectives: • Collect data on the current situation, education, the status of women, local entrepreneurship, the situation with the displaced and refugees; • Make an impact study of the various actions that can be carried out to improve education, local entrepreneurship and the status of women; • Establish a process to support the sustainable development of the different localities while respecting their culture and tradition.

Mathematics Olympiad and Mathematical Skills Awareness

More and more maths performance in high schools and colleges in Cameroon are drooping. It is in this perspective that in 2015 Math Entrepreneur in partnership with: African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS-Cameroon), University of Buea Student Association (UBMASA), The Regional Delegation of Secondary Education, Freshman Institute Germany have organized Math Week and the Math Regional Olympiad in the Southwest Region. This week’s objectives were: • Make high school students aware of the importance of maths; • Help high school students who have difficulty in maths; • Do a study on the reasons for poor performance of students in maths; • Do Math Olympiad to encourage those who excel in maths. We were able to organize the math week and raise the awareness of over 35,000 students in the Southwest region, we organized the Olympiads with the participation of 133 students representing their school.

Conferences to inspire students to do science and math

In order to encourage more students in science and math, Math Entrepreneur usually organizes lectures, to inspire students in science and math. In addition to this Math Entrepreneur makes presentations on innovations in the field of science in general and mathematics in particular.

Involvement of Math Entrepreneur in the development of the local economy

Math Entrepreneur through its partnership with the Pan-African Leadership and Entrepreneurship Fundation (PLF), participates in the training and follow-up of 100 entrepreneurs every year. These entrepreneurs are mainly from Cameroon and a minority from other African countries. The goal of Math Entrepreneur through this is to: • Constitute the database of all applicants; • Evaluate the impact of training and the organizational process in order to improve and help decision-making; • Follow up with all those who participated in the training and evaluate the impact they will have in their communities after CLA this through the well-defined indicators; • Contribute to the growth of the various SMEs that took the training by giving them advice that can help them optimize their performance.