Conferences to inspire students to do science and math
Adressing issues of regions touched by war
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Our Mission

We look to build a critical mass of talented, empowered, and a motivated young leaders, to operate in natural excellence in the fields of STEM and build solutions and products that address Africa?s needs in Energy, Water, Infrastructure, Health, Education, and Technology.

Our Vision

Promoting and fast tracking sustainable development and business excellence in Africa by investing in Science and Mathematics at the grass roots.

Our Values

Integrity, Respect, Performance.

Why MathEntrepreneur

Math Entrepreneur is an organisation, operating in natural excellence, empowered and motivated to transform the African continent through research, innovation and entrepreneurship in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).


Our Services

Math Entrepreneur main objective is to use mathematical techniques to tackle problems in business and everyday life whilst increasing the hunger in young Africans for careers in STEM

ME Projects

Here are the various project of Math Entrepreneur

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Learn how we use mathematics to innovate in Africa.

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